Anonymous asked: Not really an ask.. but just something I've been wanting to say. I identify with Min in a lot of ways, and her struggles really resonate with things I've dealt/am still dealing with. Watching her story unfold is both thrilling and, in a way, comforting more than I ever expected. I can't thank you enough.

This type of feedback is by far the most valuable to me. I want to write a meaningful story and this helps me feel that I’m hitting the mark.

I’m so happy Min resonates with you. She’s got some profound victories and crippling setbacks to get through yet ♥ Hopefully you will find her story empowering and walk away from it feeling positive about the future.


Anonymous asked: Yes, I remember, but going a bit further here, can that mean anything about her own relationship or she just doesn't judge too much this choice of behaviour?

[About Sarah’s laissez-faire attitude to the concept of Min cheating on Henry]

This is addressed ;)


Anonymous asked: Wait, it just dawned on me that Sarah was like "why would you say anything?" I'm just, wAIT she was actually favorable to Min 'cheating' on Henry?? Asy, what are you doing, you're making me indulge in conflicting feelings.

Nice catch ;)

But you have to keep in mind that it’s not out of nowhere. She is 100% convinced there’s something going in between Min and Bree, too. Also have a look at her first reaction to Sean/Jason.

The gf and I just went to the hairdresser and now we both feel at least 60% more awesome XD

The gf and I just went to the hairdresser and now we both feel at least 60% more awesome XD


Anonymous asked: Could you write a tomb raider story, either Lara or Sam cheats on the other with Amanda, or a threesome?

The canon Amanda, or mine? Because my Amanda would never sleep with anyone XD


victoriancuddler asked: UMS inspired me to write my own original story however I'm having trouble starting it, how do you usually make it through the first paragraphs and goes "yes, perfect, this shall be the beginning"?

The first few paragraphs of the opening chapter are the most important in your story. They either engage or alienate a potential reader. I recommend writing them last, actually. Write the rest first, then when you’re sure you have the character’s voice and the rhythm of the story, write the openers. 


wahnnie asked: What is a dag?

It’s an affectionate Australian insult. It CAN mean someone who’s a bit unfashionable, but generally it’s just a generic affectionate insult like ‘dork’.

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[puts head in hands] oh god she’s so attractive

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